Greppy Searching System based on D-thinker

Greppy searching system based on D-thinker has advance of fast, large dealing data size,and can keep the fast searching speed with data size increasing by adding more compute nodes 。 D-thinker can run well both in X86 PC server and Tianhe Super computer, It has the advance of low-cost, high-performance. In our test, Searching 200GB data with non-index is about 5s, When the data increasing to 400GB and adding nodes, the time elapses is about 7s. D-thinker system make possible of keeping fast searching speed while increasing data size speed. In theory if the number of node is enough, Greppy can searching TB-PB data in a very quick speed. Now Greppy is in a stable development state, and walk to the goal of "Big Data with low time elapses" step by step.