Position: Software engineer, Part-time engineer, Intern


Job Responsibilities:
a) Develop big-data and cloud software
b) Build and manage distributed computing systems

Work Experience: no requirement

Ability Requirement:
a) Like to learn new technologies
b) Familiar with at least one programming language, e.g., C, Java, Python

Working Place: Hong Kong, Ningbo or Shanghai

How to apply:

Please send the following material to recruit@hututa.com :
1) Resume
2) Highest degree, scan copy of your undergraduate transcript
3) Answer one of the following questions (you can choose any one):
    a. What's the difference between thread and process?
    b. Write a program which can print its source code to standard output (file operations is not allowed).
    c. What's the most important contribution of the Turing award winner in 2014?

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