Hardware Platform

We provide ThinkBox/Genes' Mind Big Data Appliance and Shufang Server two hardwares.

Shufang Server is a hardware platform recommended to big data computation and storage. Shufang server is consisted of high performance Processor, great storage space and using high-speed intern bus to connect each parts. Against current popular graph computation, Shufang server can easily deal such work with extending GPU card.

ThinkBox/Genes' Mind big data appliance is consisted of Shufang servers, with high-performance CPU, Memory, Hard Disks and other parts, also connect each servers with high-speed network to become a high-performance data process system. provide for powerful storage, computation, searching and data mining.

Our Advance

Powerful performace of Shufang Server

Shufang Server using popular Intel Xeon high-performance CPU and can integrate 1000+ cores GPU card easilly to speed up pipeline works, It is also easy to deal graph computation.

Cluster management of ThinkBox

ThinkBox/Genes' Mind is consisted by many Shufang servers, it can be as a small computer cluster. 4-16 powerful servers and scheduled by software to reach the task distribution and high-height parallel computation.


We commit to provide higher cost-performance than other similar service providers.

Ultra fast Genes process software

Genes' Mind big data appliance pre-install GLAD genes process software and can support GATK well, it can short the computation time widely.

Rich Big data software

ThinkBox/Server pre-install Data Thinker, Spark, Hadoop big data softwares and D-store high-reliable distribution storage system.

Genes' Mind/ThinkBox Price

Configuration vCPU Memory (G) External Storage(TB/HDD+SSD) Price (RMB/Month)
GE3C12U6RQ 12 96 40+750G SSD 39
GE4C16U4AAN 16 96 48 + 1TB SSD 45
CE8C18DN 18 256 24 75
GE8C20G1XI 20+2048 256 25 80
GE6C22G5XI 22+10240 192 18 100
CS8C30EN 30 512 48TB 110
CE8C32AKN 32 256 48TB + 2TB SSD 120
CE8C32G7XIDN 32+14336 256 32TB 135
GE6C44G1XI 44+2048 192 48 150
CS8C128G1XIAN 128+2048 256 100TB + 2TB SSD 345

GLAD Ultra-Fast genes process system

(1) 100-ways paralell high-speed genes process&analysis software,including install&test service * 1, Manual * 1, two persons or one person two times system usage train, 1-years effective technology support and system upgrade(10000RMB/set).

(2) Adding paralell number(150RMB/paralell num)

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